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            1. Yangzhou Lida Chemical Co.,Ltd.
              Hot Keyword:Cumene    Alpha-Methylstyrene    Solvent hexane    Petroleum benzin    n-Heptane    Decane    N-Octane    n-Pentane    ……
              Yangzhou Lida Chemical Co.,Ltd.

              Yangzhou Lida Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in the eastern suburb of Yangzhou City. With the Grand Canal and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway in the west, it is easy of access.
              Lida is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in producing environment-friendly water-based complex adhesive, styrene, 1,3-butadiene polymer series and organic chemical materials.
              At present, the company has about 100 engineering technicians. We have established cooperation relationships with several research units for developing and manufacturing environmental-friendly water-based styrene, 1,3-butadiene polymer, and styrene acrylic latex, which can be used in coating, papermaking, cement, asphalt. For years' effort, our products are sold well throughout China. The annual output value is about 100 million Yuan RMB. Our company has been evaluated as Provincial AAA Rating Credit Enterprise for many years, and in 2002, it won the title of "A series Integrity Taxpayer of Yangzhou City", and Observing Contract and Valuing Credit Enterprise.
              We would like to cooperate with new and existing customers for common development.

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